Vehicle Related Services

We can align your car to your own camber, caster, toe and ride height specifications or we can set up your car based on the specifications we have perfected over the years to dial in our own race cars.

chassis setup

As important as car preparation in the shop is, it does not mean a thing until you get to the track. We understand how important proper track support is and go to great lengths to ensure that things go smoothly.

Race weekend car prep / track day support

Keeping your suspension serviced is very important to maintain peak performance. We offer new suspension, rejigging and repair.

Suspension rebuilds

K-Hill offers transaxle and gearbox services for the vehicles we specialize in. We will clean, inspect and repair gears along with in-house rem service. Included are Mark 9, Staffs, FG & FT, SG# & SG4 and LD.

Transaxle / GEARBOX


As the value of vintage and historic cars has risen, more racers recognize the value in restoring these unique cars. We have a lifetime of experience in open wheel racing cars.

vintage / historic

Track Related Services

Driver Development

K-Hill Motorsports is a full service prep shop for open-wheel cars. Types of cars include Formula Atlantic, Formula Continental, Formula Mazda, Formula Ford, Formula Honda, Swift 016, C-Sports Racer, and Vintage cars. We service and prepare cars for all levels of racing from Club to Vintage Forumla 1. K-Hill Motorsports also provides driver development, transportation, trackside support and hospitality.

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